Sumit Selli on An Introduction to Investing in Space Travel

The UK Space Sector is growing exponentially, leaving people with more opportunity than ever when it comes to finding room for investment goals. According to London Economics, the average growth rate has been almost nine per cent a year.

That raises the question — how does one invest in space travel and the wider space sector? While the idea is undoubtedly an exciting one, it can also be intimidating, given that the field itself is nearly as vast as the subject it is centered on.

Joining the Space Race

If you were to take a minute to Google what companies are working towards space travel — you would be surprised by the number of results found. As it turns out, both private companies and the government are interested in this goal.

This is good news. The more people trying to tackle the same problem, the higher the odds are for success. Better yet — the more opportunities there are for people like you and me to invest in these groundbreaking attempts.

Notable Programs

As with any industry, specific programs and ideas are more likely to succeed than others. This holds true even in the space sector. Before diving into the investing side of space, one should consider all available options.

Notable programs include deep space exploration, space scientific research, and satellite and comms development. Additionally, while it may seem counterintuitive, it is worth researching and supporting environmental research.

Notable Companies

One should do their research before making any investment decisions. However, some companies have been doing brilliant research in recent years. These are the companies that space enthusiasts should consider keeping an eye on.

British Interplanetary Society — The British Interplanetary Society is an advocacy organisation that supports space travel as a whole. As such, this is a solid start for newer investors. It’s also ideal for those that want to support the field on a larger scale.

Surrey Satellites Technology — Space travel and exploration would not and could not be possible without methods of communication. Surrey Satellites Technology Ltd is aware of this and is actively designing and implementing new satellites.

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Based in London, UK, Sumit Selli ACA is a financial professional and advisor with a successful decade-long career.

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Sumit Selli

Based in London, UK, Sumit Selli ACA is a financial professional and advisor with a successful decade-long career.